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Aims and scope

Aims and scope

Journal of Infrastructure Preservation and Resilience (JIPR) provides a cross-disciplinary forum for researchers to disseminate innovative research and engineering practices that preserve the integrity, performance, and resilience of existing infrastructure systems amid diverse climatic conditions, man-made and natural hazards, and other risks. Planning, design, construction, operations, inspection, monitoring, evaluation, retrofitting and reinforcing of infrastructure system (roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, ports, pipelines, etc.) are in scope with the journal. The journal aims to facilitate the dialogue and collaboration between infrastructure engineering community and resilience and risk management community.  

Topics of interest may include the following:

  • Preservation and monitoring against foundational risks of infrastructures (e.g. bridge scour and slope instability)
  • Preservation and rehabilitation against infrastructure materials-related distresses (corrosion, freeze/thaw damage, alkali-aggregate reactions, cracking, rutting, aging, moisture damage, etc.)
  • Infrastructure system response and resilience (e.g., adaptation to disasters, climate change and extreme weather): robustness and post-hazard recovery, resource allocation, and social technical or system-oriented aspect of resilience
  • Decision support and asset management (e.g., data modelling and resilience assessment, risk assessment, life cycle assessment, life cycle cost analysis, characterization/modelling of interdependencies)
  • Design and in-service performance of advanced infrastructure materials and structures
  • Remote sensing, online monitoring, and non-destructive evaluation of infrastructures
  • Structural reliability and safety
  • Transportation geotechnics and geoecology

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