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Resilient Transportation Systems
Edited by: Kakan Dey, Candace Brakewood, Subasish Das, Qianwen (Vivian) Guo, Xinghui Zhao

Machine Learning for Infrastructure Durability and Resilience
Edited by: Yong Deng, Qiao Dong

Sociotechnical Perspectives to Infrastructure Resilience
Edited by: Aaron Clark-Ginsberg and Ji Yun Lee

Risk Based GeoEngineering Design: Prediction, Assessment, and Mitigation
Edited by: Xiong (Bill) Yu, Zhaohui (Joey) Yang, Jiankun Liu

Pavement Preservation and Resilience: Strategies and Innovative Technologies
Edited by: Yinghao Miao and Zejiao Dong

BEI 2019
Edited by: Yail Jimmy Kim, Isamu Yoshitake, Vanissorn Vimonsatit, Xuhui He, and Yongcheng Ji.