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Featured Articles History

September 2023
Probabilistic analysis of climate change impact on chloride-induced deterioration of reinforced concrete considering Nordic climate
Authors: Amro Nasr, Dániel Honfi & Oskar Larsson Ivanov 

March 2023
Investigation into corrosion-induced bond degradation between concrete and steel rebar with acoustic emission and 3D laser scan techniques
Authors: Fujian Tang, Zhibin Lin, Hongya Qu & Genda Chen 

September 2022
Carbon-based nanomaterials engineered cement composites: a review
Authors: Dong Lu & Jing Zhong

December 2021
An algorithm to simulate nonstationary and non-Gaussian stochastic processes
Authors: Han-Ping Hong, Xizhong Cui, & D. Qiao 

July 2021
Coastal green infrastructure to mitigate coastal squeeze
Authors: Valeria Chávez, Debora Lithgow, Miguel Losada & Rodolfo Silva-Casarin

April 2021
Classification of pavement climatic regions through unsupervised and supervised machine learnings
Authors: Qiao Dong, Xueqin Chen, Shi Dong, & Jun Zhang

January 2021 
Maintaining critical infrastructure resilience to natural hazards during the COVID-19 pandemic: hurricane preparations by US energy companies
Authors: Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, Ismael Arciniegas Rueda, Jonathon Monken, Jay Liu, & Hong Chen 

October 2020
Fatigue life prediction of pipeline with equivalent initial flaw size using Bayesian inference method
Authors: Milad Salemi & Hao Wang

July 2020
Characterization of vulnerability of road networks to fluvial flooding using SIS network diffusion model
Authors: Bahrulla Abdulla, Amin Kiaghadi, Hanadi S. Rifai, & Bjorn Birgisson