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Table 2 The calculated degradation ratios (nature/roadside) of the five floral VOCs

From: Planning considerations of green corridors for the improvement of biodiversity resilience in suburban areas

VOC Type Reaction Rate Degradation Ratio
KO3(cm3 molec−1 s− 1) KOH (cm3 molec− 1 s− 1) KNO3(cm3 molec− 1 s− 1)
b-Caryophyllene 1.1E-14 2E-10 1.9E-11 4.50
b-Ocimene 5.4E-16 2.52E-10 2.2E-11 1.77
b-Myrcene 4.7E-16 2.13E-10 1.27E-11 1.78
Linalool 4.3E-16 1.59E-10 1.12E-11 1.86
a-Pinene 8.09E-17 5.33E-11 6.16E-12 1.66