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Table 1 Key parameters of the UPC Device [19]

From: Ultrasonic pitch and catch technique for non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete slabs

Parameter Unit Value Description
Color gain dB 10 The brightness of the reconstructed B-scan image
Analog gain dB 20 Amplification applied to the receiving transducer signals
Operating frequency kHz 50 Center frequency of transmitted pulse; varied between 25 to 85 kHz depending on material and depth of test object; 50 kHz is recommended as default value
Velocity m/s 2450 Manually entered shear-wave speed for use in SAFT reconstruction
Delay μs 22 Time for pulse to travel through the device
Image quality High From low to high
Horizontal step mm 50 Horizontal spacing of grid points
Vertical step mm 50 Vertical spacing of grid points
  1. dB decibel