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Table 4 Subassembly cost ratios for the representative contemporary house

From: Risk-based cost-benefit analysis of climate adaptation measures for Australian contemporary houses under extreme winds

SubassemblyDescriptionCost ratioAdjusted cost ratio
RoofRoof claddingMainly including corrugated metal roof sheets, metal top-hat battens and insulation4.1%5.4%
Roof framingTimber trusses, rafters, ceiling joists, fixings, etc.15.9%20.9%
Windward Windows Single glazed, aluminum sliding or awning windows0.8%1.0%
Internal finishes, fittingsWallMostly plasterboard, also include ceramic tiles and painting6.8%51.2% (building interior)
FloorMixed use of timber, carpet and ceramic tiles3.5%
CeilingMostly plasterboard, also including painting4.7%
Fittings and fixturesBuilt-in wardrobes/cupboards, kitchen units, bathroom suites, shelving, internal doors, etc.10.0%
MechanicalAir conditioning, heaters, ventilation, etc.10.0%
ElectricalLighting, conduits, cables, etc.4.0%
OtherSite preparation, foundation, wall framing, other fenestrations, plumbing, etc.37.0%n/a