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Table 2 Soil properties used for the simulation

From: Probability assessment of slope instability in seasonally cold regions under climate change

Soil properties Value
Dry density of soil d) 1400 kg/m3
Porosity (n) 0.47
Unfrozen thermal conductivity u) 127.04 kJ/(Day∙m∙°C)
Frozen thermal conductivity f) 132.24 kJ/(Day∙m∙°C)
Hydraulic conductivity of saturated soil (ks) 5.62 × 10−7 m/s
Unfrozen volumetric heat capacity u) 2237 kJ/(m3∙°C)
Frozen volumetric heat capacity f) 1624 kJ/(m3∙°C)
Volumetric water content of saturated soil (θs) 0.47 m3/m3
Residual Volumetric water content of soil (θr) 0.12 m3/m3
Undrained shear strength (qu) 52 kPa
Effective cohesion (c’) 9.75 kPa
Effective angle of internal friction (ϕ’) 35°