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Table 10 Weight of pavement exposure indices

From: Analysis methodology and assessment indices of vulnerability for asphalt pavement in cold regions

First grade indices Second indices Weight Third grade indices Weight
Pavement exposure Extreme low temperature climate 0.4065 Extreme minimum temperature 0.4562
Low temperature duration 0.2934
Daily temperature difference 0.2504
Extreme high temperature climate 0.2148 Extreme maximum temperature 0.4215
High temperature duration 0.2716
Annual average solar radiation 0.1918
Route design 0.1151
Extreme rainfall climate 0.1289 Annual rainstorm days 0.4447
Pavement drainage capacity 0.2537
Topography conditions 0.1750
Geotechnical types 0.1266
Extreme freeze-thaw days 0.2499 Freeze-thaw days 0.3172
The permafrost characteristics 0.4355
Blizzard frequency 0.2473