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Table 2 Databases used to locate critical infrastructure facilities

From: Toward regional hazard risk assessment: a method to geospatially inventory critical coastal infrastructure applied to the Caribbean

Facility Type Main Source Specific Source URL Data Type Description
Ports World Port Index WPI_Shapefile Shapefile Shapefile with points for each terminal. Multiple terminals per port.
Ports World Port Source Countries with ports in the Caribbean Shapefile Breakdown of ports by country. Port icons are coded by size.
Airports OpenFlights Airports Database OpenFlights Airport Database Spreadsheet File As of January 2017, the OpenFlights Airports Database contains over 10,000 airports
Airports World Airport Database World Airport Database Spreadsheet File One of the largest airport databases in the world with information on 33,539 airports in 228 countries. A satellite map of more than 31,000 airports is also available.
Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities Google Google Maps N/A Key Search Terms: Water treatment plant; Wastewater Treatment Plant; Sewage Treatment Plant; Desalination plant; Water Authority
Energy Facilities Google Google Maps N/A Key Search Terms: Power Plant; Power Station; Nuclear Power Plant; Wind Farm; Solar Farm
All ArcGIS Basemap – World Imagery Orthoimagery World Imagery, last updated August 2020, provides one meter or better satellite and aerial imagery in many parts of the world and lower resolution satellite imagery worldwide. The map includes 15 m TerraColor Imagery at small and mid-scales ((~ 1:591 M down to ~ 1:72 k) and 2.5 m SPOT Imagery (~ 1:288 k to ~ 1:72 k) for the world.
All Google Earth Google Earth Orthoimagery Google Earth contains a large collection of imagery, including satellite, aerial, 3D, Street View, as well as historical images. Images are collected over time from providers and platforms.