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Table 2 Selection of aggregate size for choker course

From: Review of porous asphalt pavements in cold regions: the state of practice and case study repository in design, construction, and maintenance

Project Location Denver, Colorado, USA Robbinsdale, MN, USA Calgary, AB, Canada Long Beach, CA, USA
Year of Construction 2008 2009/2010 2011 2019
Application Parking Lot Low-volume residential Intersections Drive Lane Parking Lot
Pavement Structure 6.4 cm PA 10.2 cm PA 8.0 cm PA 20 cm PA
5.1 cm Choker (AASHTO No.67) 5.1 cm Choker (12.5 mm Crushed Stone) 7.0 cm Choker (12.5 mm gravel) 5 cm Choker (ASTM No.8)
17.8 cm Stone Reservoir (No.3 Aggregate) 30.5 cm Stone Reservoir (38.1 mm −63.5 mm Granitic Stone) 50 cm Stone Reservoir (63 cm Gravel) 50 cm Stone Reservoir (ASTM No.2)
2.5 cm Sand Cushion
15.2 cm filter layer (ASTM C-33 Sand)
Geotextile fabric & Impermeable plastic liner Geotextile fabric Geotextile fabric Geotextile fabric
Subgrade Soil No infiltration to subgrade Sand (41st Ave. North) Clay (27th Ave. North) Low Infiltration Soil (0.58 mm/h) Lean Clay to Clayey Sand
Resources Piza and Eisel [46] Wenck Associates [64] Huang [26] Saadeh et al. [51]