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Table 1 Factors considered in the quantification of a resilience index

From: Resilience modeling concepts in transportation systems: a comprehensive review based on mode, and modeling techniques

Resilience Quantification
Resilience IndexFactors
Travel time(i) Travel time
 (ii) Pace
Reliability(i) Travel time
 (ii) Capacity
 (iii) Flow
Vulnerability(i) Travel time
 (ii) Capacity
 (iii) Flow
 (iv) Large connected component
Restoration time(i) Restoration time
 (ii) Delay
Travel demand(i) Travel demand
 (ii) Flow
Budget(i) Recovery budget
 (ii) Delay cost
 (iii) Operating cost
 (iv) Damage cost
Capacity(i) Capacity
 (ii) Flow
 (iii) Travel demand
Accessibility(i) Connected link
 (ii) Flow
 (iii) Distance
Shortest path(i) Link distance
Resilience triangle(i) Recovery time
 (ii) Time to reach worst state
 (iii) Recovery budget